Will the GAA be in the next Olympics?

John Fogarty writing in The Irish Examiner

“The world arm of the GAA is to pursue the possibility of Gaelic games becoming an Olympic sport.

There are currently 573 clubs outside Ireland with 171 currently active in the US excluding New York which has 52, 112 in Europe and 97 in Britain.

“Stressing that is a long-term, the strategic plan of World GAA released earlier today reveals plans for acknowledgement from 60 international sporting federations in order to obtain affiliation with the Alliance of Independent recognised Members of Sport (AIMS) before applying to the International Olympic Council (IOC).

The document reads: “In terms of the GAA’s aspiration to be recognised as an Olympic sport, it’s important to focus on achieving recognition by organisations like AIMS (Alliance of Independent recognised Members of Sports), getting recognised by the IOC, and ultimately achieving Olympic qualification status.

“Once Olympic recognition is attained, the GAA can then reassess its goals and aspirations accordingly. It is important to acknowledge that this process is likely to take time and success is not guaranteed. Nonetheless, taking the first steps towards this goal is crucial for the GAA.

“Recognition for team sports can be more complex, but by following the established criteria and exploring potential adaptations, the GAA can enhance its chances of Olympic recognition. Ultimately, the goal should be to work towards Olympic recognition and reassess future plans based on the outcomes achieved.” 


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