Rory Beggan in ‘waiting game’ over NFL move – Vinny Corey

Written by Donnchadh Boyle, Irish Independent

Rory Beggan is in a ‘waiting game’ over NFL move – Vinny Corey has said.

“It’s very much he doesn’t know himself what the story is,” Corey said

“It’s very much a waiting game for him over there, ya know? He shot very well the last day and I was speaking to him after that and he was very happy with how he went.

“I know he has put a lot of work into what he is doing and from his point of view it’s a waiting game now, it’s a bit of a limbo.
He has nothing new to report, no word of any contract or anything like that. It’s a waiting game.

I’m not too sure what the plans (for coming home) are. It could change at any stage, he was supposed to fly home three weeks ago and it changed and I think he was planning to come home shortly but again it’s all up in the air.

If he got interest from a club my understanding is he’d stay out visit them and talk to them so it is very much up in the air.”


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