Oisin McConville Handed 4 Week Ban After Incident Against Sligo.

Oisin McConville Handed 4 Week Ban After Incident Against Sligo.

Four-Week Suspension for Wicklow Football Manager Oisín McConville

In a recent development, Oisín McConville, the esteemed manager of Wicklow’s football team, has received a suspension that will put him on the sidelines for the next four weeks. This decision comes in response to charges of verbal abuse against Tyrone referee Kieran Eanetta during a Division 3 league match against Sligo.

McConville, renowned for his contribution to the sport, found himself facing disciplinary action after being accused of directing “abusive language towards a referee.” This incident occurred during the match at Markievicz Park, a defeat that has left Wicklow without a point from their first two games in the season.

Upon the allegations, the Central Competitions Control Committee deemed that McConville had a case to answer, leading him to exercise his right to a formal hearing. The meeting, held by the Central Hearings Committee, concluded with the verdict that the infraction was proven, resulting in the enforcement of the four-week suspension.

The suspension comes as a significant blow to Wicklow’s campaign, as it potentially rules McConville out of the forthcoming matches against Westmeath and Clare. Despite this setback, McConville retains the option to appeal this decision before the Central Appeals Committee.

The disciplinary process initiated by the Central Competitions Control Committee commenced with a charge against McConville, followed by a formal hearing. Should McConville decide to contest this decision, the appeals process will be instigated.

While this predicament unfolds, it is essential to note that the appeal can only succeed if there is clear evidence of a rule infringement or a compromise on McConville’s right to fair hearing by the Hearings Committee. If the appeal proves unsuccessful, McConville can escalate the matter to the Disputes Resolution Authority (DRA), an independent body whose decisions are legally binding.

The coming weeks will be crucial for McConville and the Wicklow team as they navigate through this challenging time. It remains to be seen how this incident will impact the team’s performance in their upcoming matches and the rest of the season.


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