Keith Beirne Reveals Why He’s Stepped Away From Leitrim Panel.

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Keith Beirne Reveals Why He’s Stepped Away From Leitrim Panel.

Speaking to Paul Dollery with the Irish Sun, Keith Beirne revealed his reasons as to why he’s stepped away from Andy Moran’s Leitrim.

In 2023 Beirne was top scorer of all four national leagues, and made 4 team of the week’s in a row.

“The passion and desire I’ve always had for the game, it wasn’t at 100 per cent so I decided to take a step back. It wouldn’t be fair on myself, the team or the supporters otherwise. I just felt that I needed a break. Physically it has already been a huge help. When you’re dealing with injuries, it even affects your appetite for training. You’re excited going to the gym when there are no niggles. I’m hoping this will give me a chance to freshen up the whole body. Having time to focus on the traineeship instead of going training is a big thing as well.

To reach the levels I was at in the last couple of years required a lot of behind-the-scenes work on top of the team sessions. I spent a lot of time kicking and in the gym to have myself in the best possible position on match-day.

Being away from the set-up also gives me a chance to travel and to make more time for family and friends.

There was no falling-out with anyone. It was just about taking a break. In fairness to Andy, we probably invested a lot in each other so it was kind of a tough decision for both of us.

I’m just going to set this year aside for my professional career instead of my football, even though it’s hard being away from it.

With the new split season it’s a lot because you’re going for 12 months of the year. But I’m buzzing for the lads. It’s nearly like a brotherhood with them all. For them to be in the mix for promotion again shows the talent in Leitrim. I’ll be at the Tipp game this weekend and hopefully we’ll be up in Division 3 by the end of it.

I’m still only 26. There are a lot of inter-county years left in me.”

Keith Beirne speaking to Sportswriter Paul Dollery with the Irish Sun.


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