Conor Glass insists the Glen players made the decision to play for Derry 6 days after All Ireland

Derry midfielder Conor Glass has revealed that it was the Glen players who made the decision to play for their county just six days after the All-Ireland club football final against St Brigids

Speaking on the GAA Social Podcast, Glass said “They didn’t chat to us in the build-up to the club campaign, they didn’t chat to us until the Wednesday. They gave us our room to enjoy it.

“And that’s why some of the backlash that they’ve got over the last couple of days for playing us was, ‘let us enjoy it’ but as players we did enjoy it, we were drinking until Wednesday.

“We were enjoying each other’s company until Wednesday. We did a quick sort of flush on the bike on the Wednesday with a bit of conditioning, us Glen players went up to Owenbeg and had a quick chat. Mickey and Gavin (Devlin) sort of told us their plans of wanting us to come down.”

“We as Glen players had chatted beforehand about it and said, ‘What way is your body feeling? What way are you going about this?’ As Glen players, we had sort of made the decision regardless of what Mickey and Gavin were going to say but it did take us a while to sober up to get our minds straight.”

“You could have easily said, ‘I’ll play five or 10 minutes’ but that’s not the same like. Personally, I don’t see myself as an impact player and I’ve never really came off the bench,” Glass said.

“I probably wouldn’t have had much of an impact so myself, Ethan and McFaul said, ‘We’ll play from the start’. It wasn’t an ideal preparation. We were celebrating an All-Ireland final but those are the sort of decisions that you have to make.”


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